A Pox On All Your Blankets: My NEW Taki’s Piece

About Gwen Stefani’s karma chickens coming home to roost — and the abuse of the word “genocide”.

The Jew haters are up early today in the comments! (It’s crazies all the way down. I’ve further provoked a few, and will now retire to allow the rest of you to enjoy yourselves.)

Sorry, too, “Palestinians.”

Now entering their—what?—fourth generation as “refugees” (a world-historical record!), “Palestinians” have one other accomplishment to their (made-up) name: They discovered the secret to immortality, albeit through faking their own deaths on video and faking their own lives on paper.

And somehow I missed that Hitler Channel special, “Inside the Mansions, Sports Cars, and Shopping Malls of Bergen-Belsen.”

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