Primer for Saturday’s anti-Israel rally in Toronto

Meet the freaks!

  • Independent Jewish Voices is a group of socially maladroit anti-Israel Jews which was founded and is largely comprised of 9-11 conspiracy theorists. Many of its members are Marxist academics insecure about being intellectual lightweights. Most of its members are, old, bitter, childless and resentful.
  • Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is an anarchist/Trotskyite organization of Gays who seek Israel’s elimination. Many of its membership are psychologically damaged Gay Jews who are venting rejection by their conservative families by seeking destruction of the Jewish state. The group also functions as a rare social outlet for marginalized, unattractive lesbians with few other social venues.
  • Neutrei Karta is a bizarre Jewish cult of extremist anti-Israel Jews. Due to the small size of the cult, the membership is frequently inbred, which partially accounts for their freakish appearance.

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