Places to Visit In Israel (When It’s Safe to Go Back): my NEW article

First, we look at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv:

“There’s Israel, and then there’s Tel Aviv,” our first cab driver in that city explained wistfully, echoing the old “we pray in Jerusalem but party in Tel Aviv” line.

Think “red state, blue state.”

Now, you may have heard that Tel Aviv is really, really gay.

So having lived in Toronto’s Boystown for over a decade, I expected rainbow flags, well-dressed dogs, public hand holding and, given the time of year we were visiting, remnants of Gay Christmas.

In New York City, you know you’re in Chelsea because the number of florists and pet food stores suddenly explodes.

However, the “gayness” of Tel Aviv flew way below even my seasoned straight girl gaydar, except for the almost comical abundance of hair salons on Ben Yehuda Street.

Locals might have been wondering why we found that so hilarious…

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