‘The Myth of Shock Value’

Gavin McInnes on one of my favorite topics:

The assumption that someone is saying something merely to get a rise out of someone else is so boring it makes me want to cry. The same goes for the assumption that someone is only spouting an opinion because he’s paid to say it. Libertarians are constantly accused of sucking the Koch dick, but if your opinions are so flaccid that anyone can buy them, nobody’s going to listen. If someone was so inclined to pretend to be someone they’re not, they’d become an actor or a salesman. Being offensive isn’t lucrative. It’ll lose you clients, cost you your job, and even suck you into a soul-crushing lawsuit. (…)

 Sorry, but I think it’s OK to be divisive if half the country is retarded. I don’t want to be unified with people who happily march toward the edge of a cliff.

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