Toronto: ‘A Taste of Islam’ — Mon Nov 26

Monday, November 26, 2012
7:30 pm
Toronto Zionist Center 788 Marlee Avenue
For more information call Jewish Defence League (416)736-7000

“Come and get a taste of the full menu of Islam. The easiest way to understand Islamic doctrine is to see the entire picture. You can never understand it by looking at one aspect, for instance, just the Koran.

“Dr. Bill Warner, Director and Founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) will introduce the elements of the Islamic menu, and then he will teach you how they fit together to form a full course buffet that Muslims can choose from.

“Dr. Warner’s training in scientific theory and mathematics shaped how he analyzed Islamic doctrine. The first step was realizing that the Islamic texts had been made deliberately difficult to read and comprehend. A program, the Trilogy Project was created to strip away the confusion in the texts. It became clear that Islam is not constructed on the same civilizational principles as the rest of the world. Simple statistical methods revealed that dualism and submission were the foundational principles of Islamic doctrine.”

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