‘Protest and politics failed. Time to revive the culture.’

A must-read from Walter Hudson:

The popular comforting belief that there exists a silent, center-right majority eager to be led to political victory must be abandoned. We must somberly accept that a century of patient, persistent, planned cultural corruption by self-styled progressives has rotted out from within what no external enemy could breach.

Reviving a conscience of liberty will require us to embrace means and methods which are outside our comfort zone. PJTV contributor Bill Whittle builds the case for one such method in a recent video blog. What he calls the “Common Sense Resistance” is a shift in engagement from party politics to “parallel structures,” free market alternatives to established institutions. For those familiar with Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Whittle is suggesting a proto-form of going Galt. Instead of withdrawing from the statist mainstream, we simply ignore it. We pay our taxes and abide by the law while creating a parallel system of institutions funded by voluntary contribution.

I’ve been preaching about “parallel institutions” for years, and saying party politics was bullshit for longer:

We need our own YouTubes and Twitters, free from the default liberalism and censorship that make those and other tools hostile to conservatives.

However, I don’t buy the whole “pay our taxes and obey the laws” stuff.

Would a tax strike really be that bad an idea? If we continue to feed the beast, what’s the point?

And the Left got what they wanted by breaking all kinds of laws, starting in the 1960s.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn:

“We just wasted a billion dollars trying to drag a guy with an (R) next to his name over the finish line. Maybe we should have spent that money making five, $200-billion, Avatar-sized movies that framed the conservative message with great, big, blockbuster storytelling. We need a strategy for getting back in the game on all other fronts.”

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