‘See what I mean? It’s not issues, it’s race and religion’


You’ve seen the exit-poll numbers: In Mississippi, 89 percent of whites voted for Romney, while in Vermont only 33 percent did. Married women went 53-46 for Romney, while unmarried women went 68-30 for Obama. Black women aged 18-29 voted for Obama at a North Korean level: 98 percent.

Amnesty for illegals is supposed to be a big selling point with the Hispanic vote, yet as every numerate pundit has noted, Hispanics were less inclined to vote Republican after Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty than they were before.

As I said in the comments, however:

How to explain Canada?

The Conservative Party began brazenly courting the ethnic (traditionally Liberal Party, ie. Natural Governing Party) vote about 10-15 years ago. Today they have a majority government.

The irony of Toronto’s self-declared reputation of being the world’s most multicultural (liberal) city is that the most truly “multicultural” gatherings I’ve attended since I moved here 25 years ago have ALL been more or less conservative, from a “do” at Lord Black’s manse to a BBQ at Mayor Rob Ford’s house. The crowd always looks like the punchline to a conservative joke about liberals: whites, blacks, Asians, gays, handicapped, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews…

So “we” seem to have achieved the Charles Krauthammer et al dream of appealing to entrepreneurial, traditional-morality ethnics, AND without religion or abortion ever entering into the picture (as an added bonus.)

It can’t ALL come down to us cleverly deciding to pick our own cotton (and mow our own lawns), can it?

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