‘Aren’t British immigrants preferable to Mexican immigrants, anyway?’

Obeying the rules is for suckers:

So what’s the problem? Why isn’t Lauren Bell covered by DACA?

Well, here’s the ridiculous reason: DACA is for young people who

“…had no valid immigration status on June 15, 2012.”

In plain English, that means they must be illegal aliens.

Lauren’s “problem”: her father immigrated legally to the U.S. under a legal visa. In fact, her whole family migrated to the U.S. legally.

In 2004, her father’s employer SGD North America started an application process for permanent residence (“green cards”) for Mr. Bell’s wife and daughters. But after five years in the system, the applications were rejected in 2009 by USCIS [the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] on a technicality. The technicality, according to Lauren: “There was a mistake in the wording on the advertisement for the position my dad accepted with SGD North America.” SGD North America appealed in 2010, but was unsuccessful.

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