Revisiting the Satanic Panic, 20 years later

One of my favorite books is about this very topic.

Spiked looks back, and notes that the Right and the Left were to blame:

his reflects, in part, the extent to which in the UK, the Satanic panic was framed less by anxious Christians than it was by elements of a decadent and decomposing left.

This is why the publications in which British proponents of the Satanic panic made their mark were not journals of the cloth; they were the rags of the left.

It was publications like the New Statesman and Marxism Today which carried tales of ‘a culture of sexual terrorism, power and sacrifice’, …

For certain elements of the British left, with feminist theorising prominent and a sense of defeat writ large in the Miners’ Strike, the fall of the USSR and the electoral success of Margaret Thatcher, the Satanic panic touched a nerve. It revealed to sections of a disillusioned left the reason for their failure to realise socialism: a working class corrupted by patriarchy, and fucked up by the family.

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