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Why do hippies hate dead blacks?

I’m so old, I remember when the State had a monopoly on school shootings.

But did you know that similar politically-charged campus massacres happened before AND after Kent State?

You’ve never heard of either incident.

Guess why.


Ann Coulter: ‘The NRA needs a better spokesman’


Adam Carolla: Hero

Calls Mayor of Los Angeles “the Mayor of Mexico.”

He usually calls him “Tony Villar” (the man’s actual name before he “Spanished” it up) and “Via-retardo.”


Must hear: Adam Carolla and Dr Drew discuss — coughleftist watchdog groups and their anti-free speech tactics.

Oh, AND a “new” Tough Crowd:


2012: The Year in PC

Jim Goad:

The Old Weird has become the New Normal, and the Old Normal has become the New Hateful.

The New Tolerance is actually the New Intolerance, espoused exclusively by the New Assholes.


George Washington Carver was gay now? What else is the Toronto School Board lying to your kids about?

If you send your children to a Toronto public school, you are guilty of abuse and neglect.

My husband discovers another outrageous “lesson plan” at the TDSB:

The TDSB chose to participate in the lie about Carver’s sexual orientation because fellow zealots included Carver on the “Blacklist”, an index of allegedly Gay Black individuals. There is not an ounce of evidence to back up their claim. Even the TDSB admits this but still includes him in their propaganda. Now That’s Racist.

Update- The only copy of the Blacklist we could locate – does not contain Carver’s name! Now that is despicable!


New ‘Tough Crowd’ uploaded — thanks, whoever you are!

Check out the lies from the black dude you never heard of. Amazing: there really are TWO Americas:


‘The total number of fatalities from mass shootings since some point in the 1980s is roughly the same as…’


…the total number of homicides in Chicago this year (500).

On the other hand, most of the victims in Chicago are minorities. Most have criminal records. Indeed, a large fraction of the Chicago victims are drug dealers who might well have been the shooters themselves if only they’d shown more initiative (or better marksmanship).


I dunno: Maybe from looking out the window on 9/11…?

Meanwhile, Muslims murder Jews and Christians every day around the world, and the Left says nothing.


Why does Michael Moore NEED 8000 calories a day, anyhow…?

George Jonas:

Strictly speaking, no one “needs” anything but a breath of air, a cup of water and a bowl of rice. The rest are individual choices we make as free human beings, if that’s what we are, instead of wards of the state. Liberty means not having to answer, explain, or justify, any of our choices to anyone.

Why does anyone need a military assault rifle? I’ve no idea. I certainly don’t, but at one time I owned six motorcycles (and knew people who owned 20). I would have had no trouble explaining why I needed them, but would have highly resented having to do so. (…)

But in fact guns are easier to justify than motorcycles or cats.

Guns protect. We buy them as taxpayers for our politicians’ bodyguards. As long as we don’t buy them for our own protection, few politicians object.


We could win the gun control debate instantly merely by pointing out…

That most U.S. gun death “victims” are criminals or suicides anyhow.

So who cares?

Includes BONUS “MLK’s isn’t there to encourage non-violence, MLK is there to prevent non-violence” vintage Chicago Tribune editorials.


“I am affiliated with a large university. Every time a crime happens on/near my campus (if the victim is a university affiliate), the campus security department sends an email to all affiliates with a description of the crime and a description/photo of the perpetrator(s). I have been affiliated with this university for over a decade and have received several such emails a month. In every single instance, the perpetrator(s) are young black males. My question: How do I avoid fearing/stereotyping young black males when I am out on the street? Most of these perpetrators have not been caught. Some of the crimes are quite violent…”

And all those illegal Mexicans are just hard working conservatives trying to feed their families…

Pedro Rivera formed Cintas Acuario from a Long Beach storefront. The company rode the immense narcocorrido wave that followed Sanchez’s slaying in 1992 with a series of anthology cassettes — Corridos Perrones — with bands and singers posing with AK-47s, flashy cars and songs suggesting the musicians’ drug-mob connections.


‘I bring up these memories to discredit those black activists on college campuses…’

writes Paul Gottfried:

who complain that “all whites ever did was beat up on our race.” The reality in Bridgeport would hurt minority pride even more deeply. We simply didn’t pay attention in our daily lives to those who later became officially aggrieved victims. Whites happily discriminated among each other, and insensitivity reigned supreme without the government stepping in to lump us all together.


8 Gun Control Myths Exposed — Using Gun Control Lobbyists’ Own Stats


“Gun violence” is a crafted phrase to induce people into associating guns with violence. Using Ezra Klein’s logic, Brady’s “A”-graded, low-gun states should be the safest. But when collated with CDC firearms murder rates, an inconvenient correlation appears: more gun control, higher black homicide, lower Caucasian homicide.


Talk Radio Watch: Weekly recap of conservative talk radio highlights

My NEW column is up, with audio clips from the week in conservative talk radio — including Mark Steyn’s guest hosting stint on the Rush Limbaugh show.


BONUS hilarity:


I explain the nasty facts about Kwanzaa on Andrew Lawton’s podcast

Here’s some background on Kwanzaa, which I’ve been writing about for years.

Listen in to find out why I owe my career in “right wing” media to this imaginary “African” holiday.


My blogger-husband and I get a nice shout-out from Sun News!