Actual Muslim chronicles Muslim takeover of France that Doug Saunders insists isn’t happening (photos)

It’s all just your imagination, bigots!

They already forbid you, just by being there, from mentioning the battle of Poitiers and Charles Martel. In expecting you to teach in your schools that Charles Martel did not fight Islam, but only some undisciplined Muslim soldiers who took to pillaging.

They are already obliging you to revise your national identity by making you say publicly that Islam is one of the roots of France, waiting till it becomes the only root. They already claim Victor Hugo was a Muslim, Commander Cousteau was a religious fanatic 5 times a day and that Bonaparte admired the genius of Islamic civilisation.

You are already eating halal without knowing it and if this goes on, soon you will close your butcher’s shops and your bar terraces, without knowing it either. They have already put you on your knees by forcing you to acknowledge the greatest lie in history, namely that the West discovered philosophy, mathematics, science, astronomy and technology thanks to Islam which generously passed them on to you (all the same forgetting to pass them on to Muslims).

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