Relief for the Phobiaphobic: my NEW Taki’s piece

Let’s see how the comments go this week…

So “homophobia,” while not quite dead yet, is certainly in the hospice, wrapped in a red ribbon quilt. Let’s call it a priapic victory.

“Islamophobia” will prove a tougher demon to exorcise. After all, as annoying as they are, angry gays (unless they’re serial killers) typically limit themselves to direct or indirect suicide. Pissed-off Muslims vastly outnumber homosexuals (not incidentally because they keep killing them) and aren’t averse to murdering others to get their own way. (…)

At least gays can point (limp-wristedly) to actual, often fatal, incidents of “homophobia,” although they’re considerably less vocal when the perps are Muslims (or other gays).

“Islamophobia,” though, is the Bigfoot of hate crimes. The few fleeting glimpses we get almost always turn out to be hoaxes.

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