I’ll be co-hosting CHRW’s ‘Just Right’ radio show on Thursday morning…


Warren Kinsella tried unsuccessfully to get me kicked off the show by emailing the program director last night.

The program director very politely told him to mind his own business.

Once again, Warren Kinsella — who once claimed that Chinese people eat cat meat and said that female politicians should go home and bake cookies — has FAILED in his attempt to interfere with my speaking engagements. He was denounced in Parliament for doing so the last time.

Here’s his email.

Why not send your sincere condolences:

[email protected]


With Mary Lou Ambrogio of the IFPS.

Why? Because that’s the Western’s campus station, and they’re “celebrating” the Montreal Massacre by kicking the regular male hosts off the air and running all female programming.


So you may want to tune in at 11am ET on December 6.

I can’t promise a polished program — neither of us are professional broadcasters — but the content will be solid even if my delivery is shaky. THAT I can guarantee.

Blogging will be light to non-existent as I’m meeting other deadlines while traveling.

Please visit Taki’s, PJMedia, SunNews and of course Blazing Cat Fur instead.

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