Hear the show Warren Kinsella couldn’t stop!

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Glenn muses:

“Really, who’s dumb enough to tangle with Kathy Shaidle? Oh, right…”


Here’s the archived version of the “Just Right” show Mary Lou and I did on CHRW today.

It includes the audio clips she and I were forbidden from playing because… they featured MALE voices.

(That’s why a woman in one clip sounds like she’s answering a question no one asked her, and so forth.)

Isn’t feminism great?

Warren Kinsella and his tiny battalion of epic beta male faggots tried to stop me from going on the air. (Background HERE.)

Yes, a group of self-described liberal, feminist men tried to silence two women. On the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, one of their own High Holy Days.

(Whereas Mark Steyn tweeted his many followers, enjoining them to listen to the show. Thanks too to Kate at SDA for alerting her readers.)

Here are some highlights from the reaction to Warren Kinsella’s colossal, embarrassing failure:

Kim-Jong Big City Lib, trying to get the radio station to cancel Kathy Shaidle’s appearance:

    “Somebody thinks Kathy Shaidle is a valid representative of some legitimate political philosophy…”

Doesn’t that just leave your fists itching for a face? Big City Panty-Liner (and others like him) thinks he’s entitled to determine not only what is and isn’t a “legitimate” political philosophy, but also who is and isn’t a “valid” representative of the very philosophy that he despises (the sub-header/slogan on his website is “Tips on Beating Down the Conservative Menace.”)

He doesn’t know what a beatdown actually entails, which explains his sense of entitlement and his big-city belief that he’s in a position to be a moral and spiritual ruler of those who aren’t as twee, and to determine what they’re allowed to say and to hear.

         “Update: As of this morning, Shaidle was still scheduled to appear.”

Oooooh – “Update: I’m a failed fascist queen.”


When Warren heard John Lydon sing about “the fascist regime,” he thought it was an endorsement.


Warren Kinsella tried to prevent Kathy Shaidle from co-hosting CHRW’s “Just Right” radio show. Thankfully producers told him to mind his own business. Why is this “liberal” so frigging censorious? From support for HRCs to trying to prevent Shaidle from being on TVO, Kinsella loves censoring opinions with which he disagrees.

PS: I learned something interesting today:

We all know that Warren Kinsella is a Liberal Party operative.

And that this is the Liberal Party’s official position on abortion.

But did you know that Warren Kinsella is a PAID LOBBYIST for the (allegedly) Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto?

Isn’t that… fascinating?

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