It’s like George Carlin’s single accurate observation:

That most of the women who protest outside abortion clinics are all the same women nobody wants to have sex with anyway.

I feel that way about the “men” who participate in the White Ribbon campaign:

None of them look like they’d beat or rape a woman anyway — or, more accurately could manage it.

They’re always these rickety, spindly, bike-helmet beta males.

Anyhow, a female 5FF readers writes in:

The White Ribbon campaign ran offensive ads (with “provocative” statements like “put her in her place”) on posters plastered all over Toronto, to promote their latest push for donations. Their chutzpah is such that they launched this fundraising effort on Montreal Massacre anniversary day, which they have cringemakingly renamed “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women”. The White Ribbon Campaign takes Trillium Foundation money, which comes from taxes. So money is taken by force from a public that includes poor and battered women, to enrich people like the Todd Minerson in this article, who makes a living “fighting” (exploiting) violent acts by males against females. Really confused how women or anyone can get behind this.

If I said all this to them, I’m sure their conclusion would be that I support violence against women. Which they are super against!

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