Some Muslims can’t wait to get to Allah, wanna take eight or nine folks with ‘em

Said Richard Pryor, 30 something years ago.

Progressives: Why does YOUR undernourished cultural exposure and non-existent sense of history make ME a “hate speech” criminal?

RELATED — next time one of you applauds a brave new “satire” of those evil, all-powerful born again Christians and their ever-looming (but never quite arriving) theocracy…

Oh, and this old lady had your “radical” hair do — in the 1950s.

UPDATE: Wow, get a load of these f*ckwits…

Have you noticed that ALL these dipshits ever do is repeat back what you’ve said to them word for word in a sarcastic voice now? That’s their new “debating” technique. I’ve endured it first hand.

Note too the rise of “that’s not the real issue…” as an impotent rhetorical device.

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