Ten bucks says Adam Lanza was ‘allergic’ to peanuts, too

And everybody (grudingly) humored him:

“A few years ago when he was on the baseball team, everyone had to be careful that he didn’t fall because he could get hurt and not feel it,” said the friend. “Adam had a lot of mental problems.”

Why do we put up with this white middle class bullshit and the attendant “ban acorns/poinsetta” crap instead of mocking it into oblivion?

I am SO sick of you and your weakling kids and their imaginary diseases, while you ignore the stuff that is obviously YOUR FAULT:

As they track down the story of Adam Lanza, and all standard parts fall into place—the weak absent father, the dingbat single mother, the liberal, well-meaning psychologist who was “working” with Adam, the shallow friends who found him “edgy” and “different,” Adam’s cultural life which consisted of an addiction to violent imagery, music, and movies supplied by the same media-political complex that is now feigning [sic] as all of America is brought before the microphones blinking, crying, totally uncomprehending, we will notice one repeated phrase, a phrase so universal, so emblematic of Liberal America and its mounting catastrophes that I am proposing it become the new national motto, or rather the epitaph to be engraved on the tombstone of the Republic:



I say we ban divorce while we’re at it.

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