This is why I NEVER blog about mass shootings the day they happen

As I suspected.

Almost everything you think you know about Columbine is wrong.

Remember that Holocaust Museum shooter? Of course you don’t.

Read The Death of a President; the immediate reports on the JFK assassination were a mess, because they were made by — wait for it — shocked, fallible people.

You say, “But Kathy! Technology has advanced so much since 1963!”

RELATED: This seems ingeniously satirical to an intelligent American, but right now Britain is contemplating this very thing because Hugh Grant’s feelings were hurt or something… And the laws will pass because it involves a dead child, and Dead Child Laws are always a Very Bad Idea:

It’s time for stricter media control laws. We have to reconsider the wisdom of the 1st Amendment.

When the country was founded, the media process was slow and methodical. One might compare it to a single shot rifle. But now, the media is essentially a high-speed machine gun, spraying information everywhere, including information that sensationalizes mass murderers. Can anybody doubt that the primary cause for this mass murder is the comprehensive free publicity that every mass murderer in the country receives for days and even weeks after their crimes. The media simply cannot control themselves. They are incapable of self-policing and therefore must be controlled by a benevolent government that is only concerned with the well-being of its citizens.

Some will argue that information doesn’t kill, only people do, but the recent flury of tragic mass murders proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the information spewed out by the media is the dominant cause of each of these senseless acts of violence.

I am calling for an immediate Comprehensive Media Control law that must be passed to stop these senseless tragedies.

Oh sure… I feel safer already:

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