Sandy Hook: Chronicling the idiocy on all sides

As I was saying yesterday…

Nick Gillespie provides residential door to door pox delivery services, also mentions Bath School Disaster:

If hard cases make bad laws, it’s even more true that rare crimes make terrible public policy. In a piece for Quartz, journalist Lenore Skenazy recalls that the deadliest school massacre in U.S. history took place in Michigan in 1927, when a disgruntled school-board official blew up 38 people, including himself.

She writes that the real difference between now and then is the immediacy of the media, which shrinks the distance between victims and the rest of us.

Even as that allows us to have more empathy for the grieving, it creates the conditions for an overreaction that will ultimately be little more than symbolic…

Actually, that these “overreactions” will be “little more than symbolic” is the BEST case scenario.

In Canada, our bullshit long gun registry, set up after the Montreal Massacre, cost $2 billion not very symbolic dollars.

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