Must read: ‘We cops know the truth about gun control’

Mike McDaniel:

Active duty officers usually cannot tell the whole truth to the public; they’d lose their jobs.

Police administrators won’t tell the whole truth to the public; they have to please the politicians that hired them.

Since I’m no longer serving as a police officer, I can tell the truth — the whole truth — and it’s not encouraging. Remember, above all, this foremost truth: No one is responsible for your personal safety and that of those you love but you.

The Police Want To Help You, but They Don’t Have To Help You. (…)

Many fire their duty handguns only for yearly qualifications on courses of fire with generous passing scores. A great many citizens are far more capable with firearms, and due to military training — most police officers are no longer veterans — and other specialized training widely available to civilians, more tactically adept. (…)

What I’m about to relate, rank and file police officers — the men and women who have to charge into danger — broadly support. Their bosses, by and large, do not.

Because seconds matter in school attacks, only the arming of school staff by means of concealed handguns can possibly deter attacks and save lives.

The deterrent effect of concealed carry in schools can be considerable. Any potential attacker, knowing that a given school district allows concealed carry but takes pains to keep the identities and numbers of teachers on a given campus carrying handguns secret, is conferring the benefit of deterrence on every school in that district.

Police officers know criminals fear armed citizens far more than they fear the police.

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