Actually, Jezebel, it’s not just ‘white dudes’ ‘mass murdering people’

I’m so old, I remember when Nick Denton wasn’t an asshole…

Have you noticed that the same people who insist that “there are bad people in every religion” also believe that only white people are murderers?

James Fulford catches this, and adds:

There’s a Mother Jones page that promises “A 30-year timeline of mass shootings,” with photos of the killers.

But it doesn’t have photos for all of them, and there is only one black face. Here are eight photographs [of blacks] omitted from the Mother Jones page, which would have made it look more like America as it is today.

Also omitted by Mother Jones—photographs of four Asians, three Hispanics, and two immigrant Muslims.(Most of thse appear on our list of Immigrant Mass Murders.) (…)

Notably, Omar Thornton’s victims were investigated posthumously by the media and by the Manchester Police  to see if they were racist—as he claimed before murdering them. They were posthumously cleared.

Actually, girls, thanks to Jim Goad, I HAVE noticed that most of these white mass murderers look exactly like the weenie, skinny, medicated young pot-smoking Obama-voting Occupy beta males you tend to sleep with. (I was going to say “date,” but you young girls today just screw and move on.)

PS: Don’t forget all the gay serial killers!

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