The Drudge Paradox: My NEW Taki’s piece

I imagine the comments should be pretty Jew-hater free, but you never know!

Lefties across the Internet exploded in a mass hysterical outbreak of moral posturing and denounced…Matt Drudge.

As a “race baiter.” For quoting someone. Who was, in turn, quoting make-believe characters in a fictional movie directed by one of hipsterdom’s (white) cultural icons.

This sorry spectacle of messenger-shooting resembled nothing so much as a herd of stupid naked fat people trying to play Twister.

These rituals of Two Minutes Hate occur throughout cyberspace almost daily. (See “Derbyshire, John.”)

I feel like a nerd is trying to pick me up with a line from Star Trek:

“Sonny, does this kind of thing actually work?”


After 12 years as a blogger, just got my first Drudge Report link! Thanks, Matt!

Taki’s site has crashed – keep trying :-)

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