‘Everything was made of wood and bulldogs’

That’s the keeper from an otherwise lame effort at the Daily Mash, which I predict will have more than a few readers thinking, “Well, actually…”

Fact is: “gays hadn’t been invented yet,” in the sense that while homosexuality existed, “gay-ness” as a bullying victim-identity did not.

That the piece has to stretch as far as it does to make its points simply indicates how desperate liberals can be when pressed about why “the good old days” were so “bad.”

No AIDS. Few divorces. Low crime. Everyone speaking English and learning Shakespeare instead of The Color Purple.

Women didn’t “have to work.” No affirmative action. No speech cops or political correctness.

You only saw 300lb men, transsexuals and tattooed ladies if you went to the carnival once a year.

Sounds positively awful!

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