Remember the Biograph!!

My next piece for Taki’s will be about my long-held theory that the way to prevent school shootings is glaringly obvious:

Ban schools.

Maybe we’d better ban movie theaters too.

Lee Harvey Oswald hid out in one, people…

[Howard Unruh] had trouble getting along with his neighbors, and his interactions with them deteriorated in the three months before his spree. He was considered a “mama’s boy” and the subject of teasing. Unruh was harassed by neighborhood teens, who thought he was homosexual and used to make fun of him. He was reported to have been depressed about having had “homosexual liaisons” in a Philadelphia movie theater. (…)

He told police that he had spent the previous evening sitting through three showings of a double feature, The Lady Gambles and I Cheated the Law, and had thought that actress Barbara Stanwyck was one of his hated neighbors.

No wonder he went crazy!

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