‘In a world where big white men are petrified of being called racist…’

this tiny Filipina seems to be the only one brave enough to call rappers out. (…)

…what she said is 100% correct. Neither The Game nor anybody else would dare depict Muhammad that way. They wouldn’t depict Muhammad at all. In America, blacks and Muslims are precious unicorns who will turn to fairy dust if you touch them.

The Game’s fans appear to be even more retarded than he is. They attacked Malkin with threats of a “boycotte.” Her websites lost approximately zero viewers, and Fox News suffered similar losses. They repeated the racist accusation ad infinitum while also saying she looks like she got hit in the face with Jackie Chan’s dick (so that’s how Asians are made). These ninnyhammers talk about respect and racial equality while calling Malkin an Asian “hoe” and threatening to kill and rape her. They feel comfortable doing this because the underprivileged are untouchable in this country, and mocking the majority has gone mainstream, especially in rap.

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