’6 Most Aggressively Badass Things Done by Pacifists’

I have little time for pacifists, because 99% of them could never survive without the tacit protection of the armed non-pacifists they hate so much.

But here are the 1% — including one Canadian, and, frankly, some whose “pacifism” is dubious.

Warning: These stories will make you feel like a total cowardly loser who’s wasted their life taking the easy way out…

Although he had already looked death in the face and smirked, Antrim took things one step further with his new duty by organizing the trenches so that they spelled “U.S.” from the sky. This had two effects: First, it notified Allied bombers that this was a POW camp (thereby saving hundreds of lives), and second, it guaranteed that if the plan was ever found out, Antrim would’ve been executed. He knew this, and he clearly didn’t give a shit, because he had his men to look after.

Ten years after his death in 1969, they named a ship after him, because you’re goddamn right they did.

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