A Little Jewish Christmas Miracle in New York

Laura Rosen Cohen:

Went up to the bike level and a lovely young guy said, sure we can help. He started to work on it, but then realized that they didn’t have the right size inner tube. So, he called a competing bike store down the street and asked if they had the right size. And they did. So, having heard the story-that it was for a disabled kid’s mobility-he walked the part down to the store himself.

Another staffer smiled at my son, and went right to work on the tire-expertly. She was amazing. We thanked them all, and then went to pay. She spoke to her manager and from what I could see, asked for permission NOT to charge us for labour. They would only take $5 for the part. The manager told me he had two kids of his own, so he understood.

And then, we were mobile and on our way again. Absolutely amazing.

So, I’m going to write some formal thank you notes to these folks but let me say that Rachel at Eastern Mountain Sports on Broadway saved our vacation.

And Antonio, the salesman at Verizon at Broadway and Canal also was a huge help and put us onto Eastern Mountain Sports.

Without these sensitive people, we would have been really stuck.

New Yorkers are the best.

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