We could win the gun control debate instantly merely by pointing out…

That most U.S. gun death “victims” are criminals or suicides anyhow.

So who cares?

Includes BONUS “MLK’s isn’t there to encourage non-violence, MLK is there to prevent non-violence” vintage Chicago Tribune editorials.


“I am affiliated with a large university. Every time a crime happens on/near my campus (if the victim is a university affiliate), the campus security department sends an email to all affiliates with a description of the crime and a description/photo of the perpetrator(s). I have been affiliated with this university for over a decade and have received several such emails a month. In every single instance, the perpetrator(s) are young black males. My question: How do I avoid fearing/stereotyping young black males when I am out on the street? Most of these perpetrators have not been caught. Some of the crimes are quite violent…”

And all those illegal Mexicans are just hard working conservatives trying to feed their families…

Pedro Rivera formed Cintas Acuario from a Long Beach storefront. The company rode the immense narcocorrido wave that followed Sanchez’s slaying in 1992 with a series of anthology cassettes — Corridos Perrones — with bands and singers posing with AK-47s, flashy cars and songs suggesting the musicians’ drug-mob connections.

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