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Only really surprising thing about the Zimbabwe story?

Black people with a bank account?!?

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Hopelessly stupid white liberals fall for blatantly satirical “news story” about “racist” Ann Coulter.


Dear Protestants: This is why people hate you.

You’re welcome.


Japan: Nuked too much, or not enough?

What they’re up to this week.


Meet the next president of the NRA (video)



But there IS a Spanish word for ‘So go back where you came from,’ right?

Just checking!


If you’re nervous while getting your next lapdance, you could always try making small talk…


He responded by writing “Cherry Pie” in 15 minutes on the back of a pizza box, which was meant as a thinly veiled “fuck you” to the label executives (“I Dare You to Play This Pussy Ballad on the Radio” was presumably the song’s original title).


‘Let me tell you about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising…’

Says Mark Levin.


The 3 Best Monty Python Sketches (Aren’t Necessarily the Funniest)

My NEW PJMedia piece:

Monty Python saved my life.

I was ten years old in 1974, when the Buffalo PBS station across the lake began airing the iconoclastic BBC comedy series every Friday night.

Being stuck in a cheap, dinky apartment that overlooked a burned out church, with my bullying alcoholic stepfather and a meek, “see no evil” mother, surrounded at school by more extroverted, rough-and-tumble classmates — and very likely, without knowing it, clinically depressed — that half hour once a week sitting two feet from the TV was one of the only things I felt I had to look forward to.

Maybe ever, I thought at the time.

Ironically, my crappy stepfather was the one who turned me on to the show.

The first night, he “made” me watch it, the same way he was always trying to “make” me get a suntan or take up horseback riding or keep all the closet and cupboard doors in the house either open or closed depending on his inscrutable whim of the week.

My pouty resentment faded fast. For whatever reason — the cool accents, the breathless pace, the tame “naughtiness,” the “question authority” iconoclasm, the ineffable cuteness of Michael Palin — I got hooked on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


Finally: My thoughts on the National Review Institute Summit

OK, here’s something more substantial than my previous posts:

First, thanks to Dan Holland and the CapitalHQ crew for inviting me and being such gracious, ebullient hosts. If there were any “glitches” over the weekend, they certainly didn’t show.

Predictably, few people on the stage were as right wing as I am. Dr. Krauthammer remains convinced that those “hardworking Mexicans” are natural conservatives. He’s still cute, though!

Krauthammer et al are obsessed with “winning XYZ states” and basically “dragging a guy with an ‘R’ after his name” (as Mark Steyn puts it) into the White House. I chatted with a client about this last night; a veteran of U.S. conservative politics, he muttered disapprovingly, “Shirts and skins…” Exactly. Is this the future of Western civilization or fantasy football?

Joe Scarborough is running for something. 2016? It was SO obvious.

Other than Scott Walker, who has a great tale to tell out of Wisconsin, most of the politicians just delivered rubber chicken boilerplate speeches. People were more impressed with Ted Cruz than I was. Tom Cotton was ok.

99% of the speakers are living in either the past or a fantasy world: No, most people on welfare LIKE being on welfare; No, not every woman regrets her abortion or longs to be a mother; America is not the same America it was in 1980; we didn’t have TWO Carter terms…

I was going to join half the attendees I spoke to in wishing for a moratorium on Ronald Reagan references, until I read this.

Speaking of which, the crowd was MUCH younger than I expected. The bad news is, a lot of the young men were disconcertingly “Omega House.”

Good news: fewer women are dressing like Coulter/Palin clones these days. Skirts have gotten longer and heels shorter. I wasn’t the only girl wearing pants.


This is why I watch ‘American Idol’


Of course, not ALL Richard Dawkins’ atheist followers are brain dead cowards…

Remember: they consider themselves your intellectual superiors.


‘France Rediscovers Human Nature’

Joseph McKenzie writes:

A people with 1,296 years of Christendom in their cultural makeup, the French have recently shown themselves capable of uniting around human nature’s laws. The million-person anti-gay “marriage” and adoption protests in Paris on January 13 included some of the most disparate elements. Leprous immoralists, socialist harpies, and liberal quadrupeds marched alongside Catholics, Jews, and Muslims.

These surprising coalitions were united by a common understanding of a foundational principle of moral philosophy, namely that human nature exists and follows laws in its very constitution.


Mark Steyn explains that whole ‘illegal immigration’ thing


A population perhaps the size of Australia’s or four mid-sized EU nations’ strolled into America and decided to stay. In doing so, they broke the law. Literally. That’s to say, some of the most basic laws of the nation lie shattered and discarded. (…)

This is a highly legalistic society with laws against everything and most of them with stiff jail sentences attached. Yet a group of squatters has rendered the law irrelevant. Four of the September 11 terrorists obtained the picture ID they used to board the plane through the illegal-immigrant day-worker network in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven in Falls Church, Va.

But 3,000 corpses wasn’t enough to persuade either the citizenry or their representatives to end their indulgence of such networks.

Indeed, it’s estimated that half of the “undocumented” have come here since 9/11: That’s to say, they broke into a country on Code Orange alert.

Meanwhile, National Review sounds like, well, me:

Republican immigration reformers with an eye to political reality should begin by appreciating that Latinos are a Democratic constituency. …

And, if we are to take Hispanics at their word, conservative attitudes toward illegal immigration are a minor reason for their voting preferences. While many are in business for themselves, they express hostile attitudes toward free enterprise in polls.

They are disproportionately low-income and disproportionately likely to receive some form of government support.

More than half of Hispanic births are out of wedlock.

Take away the Spanish surname and Latino voters look a great deal like many other Democratic constituencies.


‘David Frum admits heckling didn’t occur, then slams Michelle Malkin as sociopath’


But that’s not all.

The loyal 5FF reader who sent that in also writes:

A lot of Americans probably don’t realize he’s a thumbsucking nepotism baby.

Did you know he has an adopted native brother?! Detailed here.

In this article, he just comes off as the ultimate spoiled little rich UCC jackass to me, with all his thousand-and-one opinions about everything.

Remember his wife had that whole series in the National Post about their house being renovated? lolol here it is


Today’s ‘Er, You’re Doing It Wrong’ winners

“This is a huge victory for female lawyers in Turkey.”