Fundraiser for my blogger-husband: Monday Jan 7


People from big media outlets are all over my blog and Arnie’s today, checking out our posts about this fundraiser.

Write away, guys…


UPDATE: See you tonight!

UPDATE: Thanks to Mark Steyn for his terrific post about our situation, at the National Review’s Corner blog.

Please join us at:

Toronto Zionist Centre, 788 Marlee Avenue, 7:30 PM

As most of you already know, my husband Arnie is being sued for blogging about Canada’s Human Rights Commissions. So am I, but while the case against me (and Ezra Levant and others) is entering its fifth year and is pretty moribund, my husband’s case is going to trial next month.

Here’s what Mark Steyn wrote about all of us in November 2010:

During my battles with the Canadian “human rights” regime, we relentlessly exposed the corrupt relationship between the Commissars and Canada’s self-appointed Hatefinder-General, Richard Warman.  … Almost as soon as the truth about his Nazi website postings became known, Warman began suing. He sued Ezra Levant (…) as well as Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle, Free Dominion and anyone else who got in his way.

At the time, many people asked me why he hadn’t sued me, both for columns that appeared in Maclean’s and for posts such as this one at SteynOnline.

Well, the reason he didn’t sue me is because (a) Maclean’s is a corporate entity with very deep pockets and (b) SteynOnline is based in the United States, where no court would give him the time of the day. So considerably more vulnerable Canadians have had to bear the brunt and serve as proxy targets for Warman’s shakedown racket. He is now suing Blazing Cat Fur merely for linking to “far-right web site” SteynOnline, and demanding half-a-million dollars for damage to his “reputation”. (…)

The disgusting Warman has already been rebuked by a CHRT judge for his dress-up Nazi activities, and we owe the exposure of that not to his doting stenographers at The London Free Press but to a few plucky bloggers like Cat Fur. Do help out if you can.

As for being a “far-right web site”, during the period Richard Warman is suing over, SteynOnline featured my acclaimed obituaries from The Atlantic Monthly, my column from The Irish Times (one of the most liberal newspapers in Europe), interviews with Oscar-winning songwriters, and baking advice from Martha Stewart.

By contrast, during the same time-frame, Stormfront member Richard Warman was busy posting racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments all over Nazi websites. You be the judge. As they say at NPR, maybe he should see a psychiatrist.

And as I recently reported on my blog, something we’ve suspected all along has finally come to light:

Belligerent Canadian Muslims have recently admitted to enthusiastic supporting this lawsuit, because my husband and I, are “Zionists.”

It is impossible for a casual observer not to notice that almost all the blogs being targeted are pro-Israel.

As Ezra Levant put it right after Arnie was served with the suit in 2010:

…now Warman has attacked another friend of the Jews, Arnie Lemaire. You may know Arnie better as the blogger Blazing Catfur — who also happens to be Kathy Shaidle’s husband. Like Kathy, Arnie has participated in a pro-Israel mission. But that’s the least of it.

It’s rare that a single day goes by when Arnie isn’t doing dramatic, primary research about radical Islam in Canada — the kind of investigative journalism that the mainstream media should be doing, but doesn’t.

In fact, many of Arnie’s scoops soon become front page stories, when MSM journalists take his work and run with it. Just to name the most recent example, it was Arnie who blew the whistle on Zijad Delic, the radical imam of the anti-Semitic Canadian Islamic Congress, who had been invited by the Department of Defence to give a talk to the government. After Arnie’s expose leapt from his blog onto TV, Peter MacKay himself cancelled the event.

That’s Arnie…

To this end, the JDL (who were also targeted after showing the movie Fitna!) has generously offered to host a fundraiser for Arnie on Monday, January 7 at:

Toronto Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue
7:30 PM

Arnie’s court date is the first week of February. The complainant’s venue is Ottawa, which increases Arnie’s travel and accommodation costs, as well as his lawyers’ fees. Hence the fundraiser.

I will be saying a few words, and everyone who comes to the event will receive a free copy of my book about the Human Rights Commissions — The Tyranny of Nice — which I’ll be happy to sign.

See you on Monday night!

PS: Thanks to Instapundit, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Legal Insurrection, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Robert Stacy McCain and others in the blogosphere for their amazing support.

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