‘We are going to keep stealing from our children and grandchildren, because that’s what we have become as a country.’


 We have become a bunch of takers who sit on our behinds, getting up only long enough to trot down to the government office to collect our checks so we can pay for our smart phones to tweet out how we want George H.W. Bush to die.

And this had all better get paid for by the rich, meaning people making $250,000 in Los Angeles and New York City, because how dare they make any money when I have a cable bill to pay with their tax dollars.


Eleven states now have more people on government assistance than are working at jobs.

It should worry us all that they include New York, Ohio, Illinois and California. Two of them are two of our three most populous states. One glitters with Manhattan and the other, with Hollywood. They dominate the coasts and the culture. They should be working parts of a machine driving the domestic and world economy, but instead they’re becoming sand in the gears.

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