Jews: Doing the jobs Mexicans can’t do?

Lots of hilarity in this Steve Sailer post about the difference between the way Canada treats Mexican seasonal workers — leave your wife and kids at home, live in booze-free barracks, go back to Mexico ASAP – and the American version — let whole families come to the US where they can breed, go on welfare, suck up free medical care, press #2 for Spanish, and indulge in such adorable aspects of Mexican culture as littering, drunk driving, hit-and-runs, animal cruelty, overplucking your eyebrows and not finishing high school.

However, we also learn from the comments that the 1st Vice President of the United Farm Workers Union is named…

Irv Hershenbaum.

He’s “the son of immigrant parents who came to the United States as refugees from the Second World War.”

As you had guessed!

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