‘The Tyranny of Anecdotes’

Gavin McInnes:

It wasn’t easy being gay in the 1950s but as far as modern America goes, it’s pretty sweet. Unlike Africa and the Middle East, we don’t make homosexuality illegal. We make homophobia illegal.

As the spouse of a fag hag, my social life is lousy with gays and as far as I can tell, their biggest problem these days is getting dumped. In other words, a homosexual’s worst enemy is other homosexuals.

But the Matthew Shepard Foundation would have us believe gays live in constant fear of getting murdered by straights. But Shepard was not beaten to death for being gay. He was a meth head who was beaten to death by other meth heads (one of them gay) because they wanted his money. The only lesson there is to learn from Shepard’s death is not to do meth. (…)

I know I’m not going to die if you try to base policies on anecdotal evidence. I’m going to say, “That unfortunate incident is not indicative of a pattern” and calmly walk away. If you base a law on that incident, I’m going to break it.

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