‘Racism’: It’s what we used to call ‘reality’

From the NYT:


 For example, many of our anti-discrimination policies focus on finding the bad apples who are explicitly prejudiced. In fact, the serious discrimination is implicit, subtle and nearly universal.

Both blacks and whites subtly try to get a white partner when asked to team up to do an intellectually difficult task.

In computer shooting simulations, both black and white participants were more likely to think black figures were armed.

In emergency rooms, whites are pervasively given stronger painkillers than blacks or Hispanics.

Wait: WTF??

Sailer isn’t sure either:

 …the implication that Emergency Room Indian doctors and Filipino nurses are conspiring to inflict needless pain on NAMs is just kind of out there. What is this a reference to, anyway? Are a higher percentage of NAMs who go into emergency rooms trying to cadge free drugs while a higher percentage of whites have, like, actual broken arms? But my assumption was that white people were the big prescription pain pill addicts, so I’m just baffled…

Whites are less stoic and “macho”, maybe?

PLUS: Awesome comment here.

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