Indeed: ‘Love him or hate him, Ezra Levant keeps on winning’

OK profile at Macleans:

There are murmurs and nods of agreement in the house. Then comes the bait-and-switch moment. Speaking at an event sponsored by the Jewish women’s group Hadassah, where the evening’s proceeds are all going to fund relief work in Israel, Levant suddenly rounds and bites the hand that has laid out the impressive dessert table that waits in lobby. The people to blame for the “illiberal and un-Canadian” human rights laws and tribunals he’s been crusading against for the past seven years are well-represented in the theatre. “It came from us. I mean the Jews, my friends.”

The temperature of the room immediately drops a few degrees, but the sweating man on stage doesn’t seem too concerned. After all, causing offence is his calling card.

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