Dear right wing bloggers: Stop spreading ‘Washington Examiner’ story about Admiral Lyons and Benghazi

Numerous conservative blogs, some of whom should know better, are reprinting somebody’s article, verbatim, claiming that the Benghazi massacre was part of a botched, staged would-be hostage rescue intended to boost Obama’s pre-election popularity.

The article quotes Admiral James Lyons in the Washington Examiner.

However, tellingly, these posts don’t link to the original Examiner story. That’s because it doesn’t exist. I‘ve searched the Examiner site and found nothing.

What you will find, is a story from making the same claim. — where I used to work as a Conservative Politics blogger — is a place where almost anybody can become a writer and post stories. Sometimes these writers are great and sometimes they’re terrible.

But there is no editorial oversight or fact checking.

Yes, Admiral Lyons made these noises on Lou Dobbs’ show. They are his personal speculations, not facts.

I agree that Benghazi is of vital importance, and that everything about it stinks. But cutting and pasting pure speculation and attributing it to even a second-tier MSM source like the Washington Examiner, is irresponsible.

Also, almost all these bloggers are putting their own byline on this story, which they are reprinting word for word, presumably from each other.

Tacky and stupid, you guys.

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