‘The World At War’ is my male friends’ version of ‘Goodfellas’

I’ve always said that Ed Driscoll would’ve fit right in to our little gang up here. He writes:

As I’ve written before, The World At War was made at the perfect time — television documentary techniques were sufficiently developed by 1969 when production on the series began to tell the story properly, and it was only a quarter century after WWII concluded, and enough survivors were still around, still sharp, and able to appear on camera.

But of equal importance is that it was made before political correctness had sapped the cultural confidence of the West.

If the BBC or Thames’ successor network were to remake the The World at War today, it would have a very different tone to it, probably far closer to Oliver Stone’s “Springtime for Hitler and Stalin” Showtime series than the BBC would care to admit.

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