National Post picks up my husband’s story — and somebody’s caught in a fib…

Once again, the MSM is using BlazingCatFur as source material, and for once, give him credit.

However, the Post doesn’t have the whole story because they don’t have all the info Arnie has, and don’t piece it together like he does.


Zahoor Hyder, one of the organizers of the (cancelled Jew-hatred) event denies knowing where that blood libel poster came from when he speaks to the Post.

But what the Post doesn’t realize is that Zahoor Hyder is the guy who emailed the poster to everybody in the first place.

The Post also hasn’t picked up on this different story from Arnie, about a Toronto imam calling for public crucifixions.

This is another case of connecting the dots.

See if you can do it, especially if you were at that recent legal defense fundraiser for Arnie…

Here, I’ll help:



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