Transsexuals aren’t mentally ill castration fetishists or anything…

They certainly can be bullies.

Observe: The Montreal Gazette has a tranny correspondent.

(In case you’d forgotten.)

His — you aren’t a woman! — take on the “controversial” Julie Burchill column is typically shallow and silly.

“Hate” is an emotion, not a crime.

If you advocate the criminalization or even simply the ritualized cleansing of “hate,” you’re a dimwit, a tyrant and yes, one of those “bullies” you claim to see everywhere.

We don’t “hate” you. We just think you’re weird and annoying. (When you’re not outright dangerous.) Now shut up.

I particularly like the tsking, concern-trolling faux-compassion:

Poor Julie and those who agree with her  — that tranny activists are narcissistic, overly sensitive tyrants, so insecure about their alleged “identity” that they attack, mob-like, even the mildest dissenter — must either be “bigots or ignorant.”

Why not “correct”? Why not “normal”? Why not “sane”?

If we’re all entitled to create our own identity and “reality,” why not let Julie and Co. have theirs?

What hypocrisy.

We’d be delighted to leave you alone if you would leave us alone, but you’re aparently incapable of doing so.

I resent being lectured to and bullied into participating in this Orwellian societal charade, and so do all sane, normal people.

I presume trannies spend a lot of time looking into mirrors. Oddly enough, the more they do, the less they seem to “see,” because if their minds weren’t so clouded, they’d realize that they look a lot like this little brat:

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