Ezra Levant bullied by IdleNoMore street thugs at OFL’s behest (video)

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 8.31.49 AMAt protest promoted by former SUN commentator and union leader Sid Ryan (who was no longer welcome on the air after shoving a SUN reporter on camera), Ezra Levant is swarmed by ignorant, racist, Jew-hating, drugged up miscreants, including some teenagers wearing what may have been my old CRASS t-shirts from 25 years ago.

(Remember: Progressives live in the past.)

It’s sad, really: some of these people are clearly victims of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Many of them were indistinguishable from the panhandlers who clutter up the streets: life’s losers, embittered by their own poor choices and envious of more successful folks.

Others are under the impression that — you’ll never guess — “Jews own the media,” and say so on camera.

Again, this protest was heavily promoted by the Ontario Federation of Labor, but judging by the types of people there, few of the union’s more respectable (highly paid) rank and file members took time from shopping at Whole Foods on Saturday afternoon to attend their own demo.

Instead, they relied upon (paid?) glorified homeless people to act as their brown shirts, to protest SUN’s right to bring the Mafia-like corruption on reserves to light.

Will the OFL now distance themselves from the anti-Semitic libels uttered by some of their protesters?

Ezra is duly “Caledonia’d,” as Blogwrath puts it. The police treat HIM as the problem.

Why the Toronto police tend to single out and scold Jews during heated protests is something only their superiors can explain.

(Ezra’s new column happens to be about selective, race-based, politically-corret policing.)

We were running errands all day and actually drove past this protest during its height. I was so tempted to give them the finger but seriously:

These protesters were clearly deranged low IQ individuals with little impulse control.

Severely normal people react to the video here.

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