5FF celebrates MLK Day!

My NEW article at Vdare:

Anyway: what better way to mark Martin Luther King Day than by telling the story of another plagiarizing black “doctor” and lefty role model.

This one’s name is Chris Spence, and in a neat twist, he’s Canadian. That means he won’t get Monday off work—not that it matters now. He was forced to resign from his job as Director of Education at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) anyhow, after his cut-and-paste career came to light this month.

PLUS some of my blasts (sorry…) from the past:

  • “The Curse of King Martin now seems to have extended beyond eponymous boulevards. In a development that’s sure to equal bad news for the Mall in DC, whites are on notice to steer clear of streets boasting monuments to MLK, too.”
  • “To begin with, it’s white. In an era when “‘black hole’ is the new ‘niggardly’,” you’d think that particular objection to the new Martin Luther King, Jr. statue in Washington, DC would come up more often.”


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