Cocktail Party Coyne: Genetic lottery winner who can’t even control his own domain name trashes Sun TV

Writes the once-removed Trudeau spawn:

There just aren’t words for this kind of gall. Even by the standards of the cultural sector, it’s breathtaking: proof, yet again, that the only thing you need to succeed in Canadian business is utter shamelessness, coupled with an invincible sense of entitlement to the public’s money.

Cocktail Party Coyne gets $500 of the public’s money each time he goes on CBC to spout his “wisdom.”

Note how he sarcastically describes the sum as “princely.” Interesting choice of words for a member of Canadian genetic elite royalty. Many of us lowly peons wouldn’t describe half a thousand bucks a week as meager. But then, our moms didn’t screw some famous guy, so…

On “real” TV, guests often don’t get paid.  That would be considered “paying for news,” which used to be a journalistic no-no.

Liberalism: It’s different when “they” do it!

Anyway: kick Cocktail Party Coyne in the virtuals and sign the Sun petition already…

Although now that Warren “Oscar” Kinsella has endorsed it, I fear the cause may be doomed.

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