My NEW article about Sun News for PJMedia

Hope you’ll check it out:

Let’s survey the cable news scene briefly, shall we?

Mark Steyn calls CNN “the airport channel,” just another bit of low grade torture we’re forced to endure whenever we’re obligated to fly.

What with Al Gore selling Current TV to Al-Jazeera, would this be a bad time to mention that FOX News is partially Saudi owned?

I wandered into the living room during the wall to wall Sandy Hook coverage to find my mother-in-law tuned in to MSNBC, just in time to hear one of the presenters say something like, “Why is American culture so evil, anyhow?” (I’m paraphrasing because I’ve tried to erase her statement from my brain.) (…)

However, if you’ll forgive a foreigner for boasting, we Canadians might be able to offer a few tips…

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