Holy f*cking sh*t: Don’t miss Peter Thiel’s speech at the NRI Summit (video)

I turned to the guy next to me and said, “I can leave now…”

Also: the joke of the conference was that the answer to the question posed by one panel, “What’s Wrong With the Right?”, was “the people on the ‘What’s Wrong With the Right?’ panel.” Indeed, I was reduced to applauding… Joe Scarborough (when I wasn’t hissing him seconds later…)

PLUS: I can’t decide how I feel about this photo. However, it illustrates a phenomenon familiar to Steyn fans who’ve seen him in person: the mob of females surrounding him at all times. That was the easiest way to locate him in any room or hallway on the weekend: Follow the giggles until you get to the bulging, impenetrable circle of fans.

I finally met Robert Stacy McCain at the NRI Summit — here’s his take on the event at The Spectator.

I still have too many deadlines to summarize my trip, but promise to do so before week’s end.

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