’5 Ideas You Need to Rise From Poverty to the Middle Class’

Another good article by Walter Hudson — “Untether from Your Class” has been one thing I instinctively tried to do, starting as a kid.

Arnie probably wonders why I get so irritated when he leaves the bathroom light on. To me, it’s a “poor person’s move” — for whatever reason (I guess because they didn’t have to pay for it) the welfare bums I grew up with ALWAYS left the bathroom light on.

In the old days, people who immigrated to America left their pessimistic, jealous, loser families behind in Europe. In the same way, it’s not a bad idea to uncouple yourself from your lower class loser family right here.

I remember hearing Michael J. Fox say that his family “would always make sure I remembered where I came from.”

Anyone who’d talks to me like that, family or not, would get told to bite me.

Except that I “divorced” my “family” years ago so as not to be contaminated by their negative influence any longer anyhow.

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