Marc Lemire now fights for free speech on two fronts

I’ll say it again. After all these years, I still haven’t actually seen the “white supremacist” writings of Marc Lemire. Not that I’ve looked that hard, but you’d think if they were really so dangerous they’d have effortlessly risen to the surface, given the amount of time I spend on the issue of free speech in Canada.

Also, I don’t care what his beliefs are anyhow. This case is so patently ridiculous – remember the whole “secret trial” bit that Mark Steyn made a stink about? -- that whatever his views or mine, I feel obligated to keep posting about it.

Here’s the latest “development”. If I understand it correctly, a judge is demanding that Lemire seek advanced permission to vocalize certain ideas in the future, or something:

To most people, it seems logical to actually find out if the legislation you’re fighting is even constitutional and legitimate before they pass sentence on you … but hey this is CanaDUUH.  Sentence first, then we’ll see if the laws ok later. (…)

Even if we were to follow the Judges “logic”, what exactly would/could Marc Lemire have even put in an affidavit about his future thoughts?  It may take up to six months for a ruling on if the law is even legitimate, how does anyone know exactly what they are going to say, weeks or months in advance?  

Marc Lemire now has to fight in two different legal venues simultaneously.

Firstly at the Federal Court of Appeals where the judges are going to determine if the draconian censorship legislation Section 13 is even constitutional. 

And at the same time, in front of the Canadian “Human Rights” Tribunal, where Lemire has to fight for his basic freedom and fight off a lifetime speech ban (which if Lemire violates could mean up to 5 years in jail!)

The CHRC is hoping that Lemire’s resources will be drained and he will not be able to fight both cases.

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