Good: Robert Spencer will defy wimpy idiot Catholic bishop’s ‘ban’ on his conference appearance


I’ll be in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 16, at an exhibitor’s table or outside if that is denied. People can see and hear for themselves if what I say is hateful or if it is just true.


I wouldn’t have booked Gavin Bobby into a library in Ottawa. He’ll be speaking on private property in Toronto, at least making his appearance unimpeachable on the grounds that it is some kind of abuse of taxpayer dollars.

If he’s going to talk about the well-known fact that many mosques in the West are constructed and staffed thanks to Wahabist/Saudi money and influence, then I want to hear what he has to say first, before I decide whether or not he’s a dingbat.

I’m certainly not going to rely on the word of CAIR-Canada and the same people who are threatening to sue my husband for “racism.”

As for the objection by this Canadian Muslim Brotherhood front group that Bobby says that Islam “encourages paedophilia, sexual abuse and pimping,” why, that’s just crazy talk.

I mean, Muslims obviously DIScourage it, right? Just look at this guy — he wants baby girls to start wearing burkhas. For their protection. From, er, well, whoever lives in Saudi Arabia... Jews, I guess…

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