National Review Institute Summit: It’s worse than I thought

My big complaint about the Summit — and about what’s called “Conservatism, Inc.” is that its 90% “shirts and skins,” all about winning elections and not changing the culture or challenging liberal received wisdom.

However, James Kirkpatrick at notes:

Still, if Conservatism Inc.’s ideological reboot is purely cosmetic, why the dramatic shift on immigration? The answer lies in the nature of Conservatism Inc. itself. Its primary goal is perpetuating itself, and this means prioritizing policies that can guarantee funding and career prospects. 

Political victory is of secondary importance. 

While only a few decades ago independent intellectuals like Russell Kirk or Murray Rothbard could coalesce around insurgent candidates like Pat Buchanan, the contemporary conservatism of the Fox News era pursues a remarkably shallow, homogenized agenda.

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