Now we know the real reason Jason Kenney never goes home

His mother lives with him.

Seriously: I share Laura Rosen Cohen’s opinion of the fine article about Kenney in Maclean’s, and have sent it to some American conservatives.

The real takeaway?

On paper, geeky introvert Kenney is the worst person for his glad-handing job, and he knows it.

But he made the mistake of sharing his (geeky) observations about ethnic demographics with Harper, who then dared Kenney the introvert to put his ideas into action, personally.


But look at the results.

Whether these are lasting results which can be replicated elsewhere or are based on Canadian history’s least likely “personality cult”, only time will tell.

Yet consider JFK’s cabinet. Most were carefully chosen based upon “on paper” qualifications — and they got into mess after mess.

On paper, Herbert Hoover should have been one of America’s greatest Presidents.

Kenney would never have gotten the private sector equivalent of his current job — or applied for it in the first place.

And yet…

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