Fundraising appeal: We could still use your help…

Monday afternoon UPDATE:

We’re making awesome progress! Thanks to all of you!

Friday p.m. UPDATE:

Brian Lilley writes:

Remarkably I was the first reporter to ask Prime Minister Stephen Harper about section 13 despite Macleans being part of Steyn’s ordeal and the magazine having several reporters on the Hill.

But while I’ve brought people stories about this for the last half decade others have taken real lumps and continue to pay the price for standing up for free speech. It was the bloggers of Canada who really pushed this story and rallied the troops to the cause.

Right now two bloggers in particular, Five Feet of Fury and Blazing Cat Fur, are dealing with legal bills that ultimately stem from their fight for a return to Canada’s longstanding legal tradition of free speech. They don’t have the cash and could use your help. Even $5 or $20 will go a long way if enough people dip into their pockets and put cash in the hat.

You don’t need to agree with everything that these two bloggers say in order to support them, that is part of the deal with free speech.

They have long stood for your right to speak your mind, can you help them now that they need help?

UPDATE: Wow! We are humbled by your support — thank you all. Still a ways to go, but we can now see some light at the end of the tunnel.

As many of you know by now, my blogger-husband Arnie Lemaire has settled the suit brought against him by Richard Warman.

There is very little we can say, due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

However, the ugly fact is:

Despite your incredible generosity during this long fight for free speech, we still have some outstanding legal bills.

It’s true: appealing for help to retire these bills certainly lacks the excitement factor of fundraising during a suit.

We realize this, but we’ve also been surprised by how many people who’ve learned of our situation understand completely and have still been willing to assist during this final stage.

If you can donate even a small amount via PayPal, it would help Arnie and I enormously.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

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